A Little About Myself
Recording life, code, and passion.
Hey, I'm Jeff ✌️
Welcome to my personal corner of the internet! I created this blog for myself to freely share thoughts and document my progress as a software engineer. I have benefited immensely from the generous and welcoming programming community who share their knowledge with others. I hope to replicate that learning experience for others through this blog!
Where am I from?
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.
Went to college in Evanston, IL.
Currently in New York City.
What's my job?
I'm a software engineer at Meta. I am part of a team that builds the backend & infrastructure of checkout experiences across Meta's Family of Apps (including Facebook & Instagram).
When did I start programming?
My first ever programming experience was in freshman year of college.
Why do I like to code?
I enjoy many different aspects of software enginnering. Nothing beats the feeling of building and shipping products that deliver great value to users. In order to build great products, of course, there are the technical aspects such as architecture design & API design - I greatly enjoy them as well.
Do I have any specific technical areas of interest?
I am still in the process of exploring different areas of software engineering - I've only just started my life as a software engineer. So far, I've found passion in delivering high quality end-products to users. Ultimately, I believe that software engineers also exist to add value to businesses. While I firmly believe that software engineers should never be too isolated from the business needs, I enjoy the unique challenges that software engineers face on a daily basis. I find great joy and motivation in solving challenging technical problems and in the process of architecting software systems. Bottom-line: still have lots to learn 😉