software engineer & aspiring entrepreneur
Hello, I'm Jeff 👋
I'm a software engineer looking to make a positive impact on the world through code. This space looks to achieve even a fraction of that goal and learn from others in turn. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy!
News Room
Started full-time @Meta 🤞
Opening a new chapter of my life as a professional! Building the backend & infrastructure for checkout experiences across Facebook & Instagram.
Graduated from Northwestern University 🎓
After 7 years, I graduated with a degree in computer science. It's been a ride! Thank you Northwestern.
Wrapped up internship @Facebook and received a full-time return offer 🏆
I learned a lot, and had the joy of working with some of the smartest engineers I've ever met. I was lucky enough to land a return offer to come back as a full-time engineer!
Summer Internship @Facebook! 👍
An exciting summer working at Facebook (Business Messaging Lead Gen Ads Team).
Resuming Studies 🔙
I am finally starting my senior year after taking two (fruitful) quarters off. I am excited to be back studying!
Internship offer from Facebook for summer 2021 🤩
This internship offer really meant a lot to me. I landed my dream internship and I worked very hard for it! Very excited to learn from the best.
Winter Internship @Fumi! 🛍️
I worked for 4 months at a Series A e-commerce startup in Korea.
Taking time off from college ⏳
I decided to take two quarters off due to COVID-19. Hope everything goes back to normal soon.
Summer internship @Esri! 👨‍💻
It was my first professional experience in the US. I learned a lot working on the ArcGIS Dashboard team at Esri.
Attending TreeHacks 2020 @Stanford 🌴
This was my first hackathon and TreeHacks truly did not disappoint! It was great to spend time with such an intelligent community of engineers. The California weather is always a plus!
Internship offer from Esri for summer 2020 🌎
This was my first recruiting experience in the US. It was rough but I was fortunate enough to land an internship at Esri, a leading GIS software company based in Redlands, CA.